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Simple Beginner Program in VB

Simple Beginner Program in VB [VB

Are you a beginner to the VB.Net programming, then you should want to start from the beginning. Here we are discussing how to start a new console application project in and initiate the program coding.

After reading this post, you will be able to create a simple hello program yourself.

To create your first project open the Microsoft’s Visual Studio in your windows computer. If you don’t have purchased one yet, make a¬†purchase or use the express version of visual studio.

In Visual Studio click on File and select New Project. Or you can start a new project directly by pressing the CTRL and N keys together.

simple program in vb

Now in the popup window from the left side-panel click on Visual Basic and then select Console Application. Then click the OK button.

simple program in vb 1

Now you will have opened a window where you can start the coding of your first VB.Net program.

Beginner Program in VB.NET

Module Module1

Sub Main()
 Console.WriteLine("HELLO TECHAntena") 'To print the message
 Console.ReadKey() 'To read a character from the keyboard
 End Sub

End Module


The above program will print HELLO TECHAntena on the screen. To see the output of the program, you have to debug the program by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

The output will be as shown below:



  • The statement Console.WriteLine() uses in to print a line of messages to the user.
  • The statement Console.ReadKey() uses in to read a character from the keyboard. (Uses here to avoid the instant closing of output window).



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