Concept of Event Driven Programming in Visual Basic .Net


Visual Basic is an event-driven programming language. The event-driven programming is a computer programming paradigm where the flow and control of the program are determined by some events.

In computer programming, the events are some user actions (such as mouse click, pressing a key, or hovering mouse) sensor outputs, messages or threads from other program code.

In an event-driven programming, you can set to execute a block of program codes to when user mouse click, double click or even move the mouse.

In visual basic, when the user action occurs for some events, then the particular block of codes that to be executed for that event is performed.

Basic Events in Visual Basic .Net

An event is a signal or indicator to the .Net framework application that there has occurred some important action by user or program. The most basic events in Visual Basic .Net are given below:

  • Click Event
  • Load Event
  • Double-Click Event
  • KeyPress Event
  • Mouse Move Event