Console & Windows Applications VB.Net

January 28, 2017

Microsoft’s .Net framework provides the support to develop the console applications, windows forms applications and web applications. Before starts developing in Visual Basic .Net, you should know the difference between windows forms applications and console applications.

Console Application

A Console Application is a computer program which is designed without a graphical user interface to be used only via text-based code editor window. The console applications in the .Net framework features the console applications to simplify the learning process of .Net framework beginners.

It is easy to code a console application than windows  forms applications as it reduces the complexity of the graphical interface.

In Visual Studio 2010 Express you can start a console application project as follows.

File > New Project > Console Application

console application

console application

Windows Forms Application

Windows Forms are the way to develop rich or simple Windows desktops, laptops and tablets applications in .Net framework. Windows Forms applications have a graphical user interface which helps to design the applications easily.

Windows Forms applications have more complexity than console applications.

In Visual Studio 2010 Express you can start a Windows Forms Application as follows.

File > New Project > Windows Forms Application

windows forms application

windows forms application

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