Best Free Cloud Storage Apps For Your iPhone

February 13, 2017
Cloud Storage Apps For Your iPhone

People nowadays buy smartphone by considering the internal storage space of their smartphones. The capacity of internal storage space of a smartphone is crucial as it allows us to store more videos and document files. But the space of cloud storage also has a significant role on these days.

Many people lose their phone or get broken their phone accidently, what to do if you have some relevant data on your lost devices. In these cases you might lose your data, to avoid this the cloud storage is very useful. Here I’m discussing the best free cloud storage apps for your iPhone. These Apps helps you to sync your phone’s data such as images, videos, device settings, messages and calling history with the cloud storage. So that any accident or loss made on your iPhone will not affect your data, you can sync back to your new iPhone from the cloud storage.

10 Best Free Cloud Storage Apps For Your iPhone

These are the best free available cloud storage apps or services for iPhone or iPad.


iCloud is iPhone’s default cloud storage option. The iCloud is owned and managed by Apple itself. The iCloud ensures your iPhones data security by uploading your documents, messages, call history and device configurations to the cloud storage.

iCloud is a free cloud storage for iPhone and iPad which provides free storage space up to 5GB. You can also have additional storage spaces with a small amount of $0.99 monthly subscription up to 20 to 50 GB.

iCloud is the best cloud storage service for iPhones as it is owned by the Apple and supports several iPhone apps.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular and best available free cloud storage service with lots of features like online office suit and image editing software. The Google’s cloud storage service lets you sync your photos, documents, and other files and allow you to access from not only from iPhones but also from any tablets, phones or PCs.

Google Drive has the following features:

  • Free storage space of 15GB.
  • Additional 100GB with the monthly subscription of $1.99.
  • Set share permission to Google users, private and public.
  • The Drive allows viewing contents offline.


Dropbox is also one of the popular cloud storage services which is available for multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Dropbox lets you save documents and multimedia files and brings the access from any devices with an internet connection.

Dropbox provides 2GB cloud storage space per account and 500MB additional space for each referred friends up to 16GB.

The following are the features of Dropbox:

  • Simplicity
  • Perfection


OneDrive is a cloud storage service which owned and managed by Microsoft. OneDrive uses your Microsoft ID to sync your data. This allows you to save your multimedia and document files to the cloud and to access from any device.

OneDrive Provides 15GB of free cloud storage space for lifetime and 3GB per account for those who have enabled the automatic camera backup on their phone.


  • 15GB life time storage space.
  • Additional 3GB for Camera.
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