More buzz from YI at MWC 2017

YI 4K+

If you thought YI Technology hasn’t already created enough of a buzz this year, they also gave a brief glimpse at MWC 2017 of two new products they will be releasing later this year, and that’s on top of the highly anticipated YI 4K+ action camera and YI Erida (tri-copter) drone. In case you’re not a tech geek like the rest of us, or simply haven’t been in the tech loop; YI Technology are the Chinese innovators behind the YI 4K Action Camera, and the ‘best-selling’ YI Home and Dome Camera range.


Their already extensive product range includes a mirrorless camera, two action cameras (with another being released soon), and five home surveillance cameras, with the recently launched Cloud service. For a company that started less than four years ago they really have been putting the work in, and it doesn’t look like they plan on stopping the hard work any time soon. In addition to the YI 4K+ action camera and YI Erida drone that was announced at CES 2017, YI Technology have given us a small taste of two new products in the making; an affordable 1080p action camera, and a new handheld gimbal.

In true YI Technology style, they haven’t given too much away in terms of prices or release dates. We do know that the new 1080p video action camera will be an upgrade from their original ‘YI Action Camera’, which is one of their more popular products. It will boast a 2” LCD screen, with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, and the battery life seems impressive with up to 180 mins, with LCD on. It certainly will be an affordable action camera, with the original YI Action Camera currently selling at $99.99 on Amazon, we predict the new version will be somewhere around the $100-$150 mark. They haven’t given any hints to when it will be released, but we suspect it will be available in time for the winter 2017 season.

If the YI 4K+, YI Erida drone and the new 1080p action camera wasn’t already enough for 2017 releases, YI Technology also gave a sneak peek of a new gimbal which is currently in the making. After having already released a gimbal less than six months ago, the tech company seems to have gone back to the drawing board to produce a better, more advanced handheld gimbal. So far, we know it has four function modes; tilt, pan and tilt, lock, and selfie mode. It also features a joystick, to manually control your pan and tilt directions. With nothing to demonstrate at MWC it’s hard to gauge exactly how good it will be, but it seems promising. As with the 1080p action camera, there is no release date set so I imagine the product itself has not been finalized, we’re looking at a few more months before its release is officially announced.

Of course, YI Technology’s appearance at MWC 2017 didn’t go without another display of their latest product, the YI 4K+. Since its announcement at CES 2017 it’s been making a huge buzz in the industry, and they have finally revealed that it will be available to purchase from this April. The YI 4K+ is the first camera to have an Ambarella H2 SOC, giving it the ability to shoot in 4K at 60fps, the first for any action camera. Other key features include EIS at 4K/30fps and RAW footage, giving users professional editing capabilities. As for the already announced YI Erida, their tri-copter drone, there is still no official release date but it’s believed to be available for pre-order by the summer. All we can do now is wait!

Visit their official website to know more about the products featured at MWC 2017.

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