6 Reasons You Need A Modern ERP Not Just An ERP

ERP Softwares

Streamlined business processes? Achieved!
Productivity? Boosted!
Supply chain loopholes? Overcame!
Compliance issues? Addressed!
All because you have an ERP in place. Still, not able to achieve the desired levels of customer satisfaction and you fail to deliver an extra ounce to win the competitive edge. Ever wondered why? Can’t figure out?

The reason is you have just an ERP, not Modern ERP. In today’s time of tough competition, conventional ERP isn’t sufficient to overcome the challenges of process manufacturers, you need more. These days ERPs are experiencing technological advancements that are giving the cutting edge functionalities to ERP. Now ERPs are not only responsible for collaboration, communication and transparency, but smartly store, analyse, share information on demand. Read on to know where and why you lag to outperform your competitors even after employing a full-fledged ERP system.


1 Real-time visibility due to web sales integration with ERP


ERP has come a long way in the past few years in terms of functionality, largely because real-time updates are crucial for on time deliveries. This has been made possible by the integration of e-commerce outlets with your current ERP. Because the integrated system streamlines and speeds up the flow of multiple business processes, the time consumed in the order fulfilment cycle is reduced and the efficiency is increased. Web sales orders will be updated in the ERP system in real time; Staff on the production floor can instantly track the order via ERP and proceed with the production process. This fastens the entire processes, aiding you in winning a competitive advantage.


2 Avail the freedom and flexibility of Cloud ERP


Gone are the days when workplaces meant a space surrounded by four walls. Today’s workplaces are far beyond the boundaries of your bricks and walls, operate 24×7 and are highly dynamic. This dynamism and round the clock processing need to be accommodated in real-time. Possible through the flexibility and interoperability of Cloud-ERP, it lets you work from anywhere, at any time and through different devices. So be it your Sales people on the field wanting to punch the orders or check for the Available to promise, or be your CFO, CXO’s wanting to check the current business outcome, this mobility and suppleness can serve one and all.


3 Connect Effectively with Internet of Things


Imagine having an ERP system, which doesn’t talk to various devices connected to it and fails to transfer information. You miss out on crucial orders and customer experience suffers ultimately. But when more ERP devices and products are connected to the internet, more data can be automatically funnelled into the ERP software. Better connectivity gives you enhanced real-time visibility over the supply chain, inventory and production, along with appliance monitoring. Processes automated by Internet of Things (IoT) technology will keep plant operations running smoothly and on-schedule as production floors will no longer require manual supervision or intervention. This saves a lot of time, energy and money which can be better utilised to focus on other crucial tasks.


4 Beat the competition with smart Business Analytics


One crucial factor in outsmarting the competitor’s move is a timely decision. These decisions should be based on the most up to date information, unlike traditional reports that are outdated as soon as they are created. No ERP is worth the cost if it doesn’t employ analysis of business data. Businesses that rely on real-time data can make immediate decisions about how what and when to change. With real time information update, reports and financial statements just a click away, the business owners gain better control of their business and can make better-informed decisions.


5 Integration with social media makes it a potential marketing tool
Marketing via social media is the latest trend to promote your brand and products. How about the collaboration of your ERP with social media to connect with your customers? ERP’s embedded with social networking platform allows companies to connect with customers in real time and enables them to update, analyse and give feedback on the products and services. The entire process aids quicker and cheaper marketing. Also, there is scope for product innovation as the sales team can now easily identify trends in the prospect customer arena, and thus strategize the policies for greater customer satisfaction.


6 Artificial intelligence shifts the focus to production


Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming crucial to operating for all kinds of businesses as it reduces operational costs and efforts involved. Modern day ERP is not only capable of staying connected and fetching information, but perform data analysis too. This root cause analysis is effective in employing corrective action plans. The record keeping of all the operations helps the system to locate the deviation from the prescribed roadmap and perform the correct procedure in the upcoming set of production. The smartness of artificial intelligence eliminates the tedious task of analysis and record keeping. When ERP employs this intelligence the companies are able to shift their focus towards more innovative, creative and productive tasks.


Having modern day functionalities to operate with traditional ERP will change your operational processes and performance capabilities forever. Enabling everyone to securely engage within your businesses and leverage ERP to make more informed decisions and foster innovative ideas is possible only by adopting the changes in the technology. If you have anything else to share with us about modern ERP login to www.batchmaster.co.in.

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