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Last Updated On: July 20, 2017
Editor: Adeeb C

Software Engineering Introduction

Category: Software Engineering

Software Engineering Introduction: Software engineering is a branch of engineering associated with the development of software products using well defined scientific principles, methods and procedures.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production.

More on Software Engineering

What is a Software?

Computer program that associated with libraries and documentation is called a software.

Software Product

The software that is made for a specific requirement is called Software Product.

Software Products are of two types. They are:

  • Generic Product
  • Customized Product

Generic Product

There are standalone system that are produced by a development organization and sold on the open market to any customer who is able to buy them.

Examples: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop

Customized Product

A software contractor develops the software especially for a customer, according to his requirements.

Essential Attributes of a Good Software

The following are considered as the essential attributes of a good software in software engineering.

  • Maintainability
  • Dependability and Security
  • Efficiency
  • Acceptability