C Interview Questions – To Make Your Interview Success


Do you want to pass out your interview successfully? These C interview questions might help you to pass your interview successfully.

Here I’m sharing you the most commonly asked and important C questions for interviews.

C Interview Questions – To Make Your Interview Success

More C Interview Questions

1) Who developed the C programming Language?
Ans: The inventor of C is Dennis Ritchie.

2) How many types of functions are there in C?
Ans: In C language, There are four types of functions.
i) Functions with no arguments and return value.
ii) Functions with arguments but no return value.
iii) Functions with no arguments but with the return value.
iv) Functions with arguments and return value.

3) What are the Input and Output functions in C?
Input function is called scanf and output function is called printf.

4) What are the applications of C programming?
Ans: C programming is known to be as Middle-Level Programming Language. C programming language can be used to do a verity of tasks such as networking related, Operating System related.

5) Differentiate between malloc() and calloc() memory allocation.
Ans: Both malloc() and calloc() allocates memory from heap area/dynamic memory. By default, calloc() fills the allocated memory with 0’s.