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Last Updated On: July 22, 2017
Editor: Adeeb C

The Most 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Apple iPhone 7

Category: Gadgets,Mobiles

Planning to buy an Apple iPhone 7? Here are the most 6 reasons why shouldn’t buy Apple iPhone 7. I’m showing here the most 6 disadvantages of Apple iPhone 7. I’m also an iPhone fan, but I’m just remembering the cons of iPhone 7.

Disadvantages of Apple iPhone 7 


Apple iPhone 7 – Full phone specifications

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Full phone specifications

1. Lack of headphone Jack

One of the most complained disadvantages of Apple iPhone 7 is that iPhone 7 is packed with the lack of a headphone-Jack. You need to purchase another gadget to get the headphone feature in iPhone 7 and it costs $50.

2. Doesn’t have a large display

iPhone 7 is packed with an LED-Backlit IPS LCD display of 4.7 inches. Which is not a good size for a smartphone; it means that you have to purchase an iPhone 7 Plus to get a larger display.

3. Low screen resolution

The another reason why you shouldn’t purchase Apple iPhone 7 is, it has a low screen resolution when compared to another smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S7 which comes with a 1440p display. The iPhone 7’s screen resolution is 740*1334 pixels.

4. Low RAM memory

In android, we have smartphones with 6GB RAM, which is available in the half price of iPhone 7. But the iPhone 7 is powered by a Quad-Core processor along with 2 GB RAM. If you need a 3GB RAM iPhone, you have to upgrade your plan to iPhone 7 Plus.

But we may hope that the low RAM wouldn’t affect the performance of iPhone which will work better than an android phone of 4GB RAM with its 2 GB RAM.

5. Low battery Capacity

Did you know iPhone 7 costs $849 (256 GB model) which is packed with aa very low battery capacity of 1960 mAh? You have to keep a Powerbank to get more talk time while you are in travel; iPhone 7 provides only 14 hours of talk time once you fully charged your phone.

Your iPhone 7 will take 3 hours to full charge while your android phone will be charged in 90 minutes.

6. Doesn’t have fast-charging and wireless-charging

Most of the android phones today comes with fast-charging and wireless charging. But Apple doesn’t provide the feature of either fast charging or wireless charging. Your iPhone 7 will take 3 hours to full charge while your android phone will be charged in 90 minutes.