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Last Updated On: July 7, 2016
Editor: AndrewSheen

Everything You Need to Know About Managed IT Services

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Managed service is a huge term used for outsourcing diversified activities and functions in a business. Today, many of the businesses are outsourcing IT services to generate maximum revenues by optimizing the utilization of resources. Both small and large business owners are hunting for an affordable managed IT service packages. If you want to get the best IT service package, you will need to know everything about the managed IT services. 

What is Managed Services?

Managed services are an advanced way of outsourcing day-to-day business management responsibilities and functions according to a strategic method for improving complex operations and reducing the production expenses. Managed services include outsourcing IT services, HR activities, lifecycle maintenance activities, and production support.

 All the IT (Information Technology) assets or objects managed by a third party on behalf of a customer are known as a Managed Service Provider (MSP). They are known for their proactive delivery of services.

In simple words, MSP is a company that delivers network, system, applications and internet management services across a network to multiple organizations by offering you the desired pricing model. To an addition, the MSP market also includes additional services from other providers such as application service providers (ASPs), network service providers (NSPs), Web hosting companies that offer both the traditional as well as management services.  

Variations of Managed Services

There are varieties of offering in managed services that can help you manage all your IT structure with ease. Listed below are some of the basic managed services offerings that can help you in many ways:

1.    Monitoring Only

A monitoring only is the most affordable yet least effective offerings of managed services. However, it should not be considered as managed services, but most of the MPSs utilize this variation as a primary level service at minimum costs. Once you see an alert, the IT support company asks the client to schedule the necessary solution at an additional fee. With the help of this method, you can reduce the response time by an IT company with ease.     

2.    Limited Response

This approach can help you solve a lot of serious issues related to your IT structure. The boundaries in this variety are restrictive. It may offer a specified amount of hours for reactive network support per a time period or may include a limited response to a particular server, computer or technical issues. You may need to pay service fees if the issues occur outside of specified perimeters.  

3.    Hybrid Approach

This method is appropriate for those companies that employ their in-house IT personnel while using the resources of a cutting-edge and knowledgeable managed services IT company.

Sometimes, an organization may need a full-time technical employee for a specialized task. With the help of this approach, the internal person can concentrate on his/her specialize function and enable the managed service company to manage their issues that fall outside the specified perimeters.

In addition, managed services company should be able to carry out their processes to bring improvement in the client’s business.

4.    Remote-Only Help Desk Support

This approach allows managed service company to carry out their whole process quickly and efficiently. However, the only restriction with this model is that any on-site service will be at an addition cost.

In fact, it can be an ideal service for those companies that need a little on-site response. If you want to get the higher level of services and effective results, you should use remote-only support services.  

5.    Full IT department

The full IT department is one of the best packages that allow managed service companies to use tools, technologies, and well-developed processes to:

•    Boost client productivity
•    Decrease reactive issues
•    Offer a multi-year budget
•    Minimize the client’s overall business risk of downtime and data loss. And,
•    Consult on technology decisions

Which is the best option for you?

Undoubtedly, there are many things that can confuse you while selecting the desired managed service provider models for your company. It can be even more perplexing when there is a huge amount of difference between the pricing of the services.

Therefore, while searching a managed service provider for your company, make sure that you focus on the results that the MSP promises. You can opt for a service model that can offer you high quality of IT support and management services at the most reasonable cost.


The blog post includes a complete guide to Managed IT services. The information included in this post will help you make the wise decision while opting for the best Managed IT service provider.