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Last Updated On: November 27, 2016
Editor: Adeeb C

Find Website IP Address Using Command Prompt in Windows

Category: Computer,Internet

Here is an easiest way to find website IP address using cmd. The Windows command prompt allows us to detect the website IP address using a simple command.

IP address is the unique identification number of web servers or computers on the internet. IP address contains four parts which are separated by periods. And each parts contains numbers ranging from 0 to 255.

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Find Website IP address using CMD

Follow the below steps to find the website IP address using CMD.

Before you start ensure that you have connected to the Internet.

Then launch the Command Prompt in your Windows PC.

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Now in the CMD type the below command and hit enter.

ping domain.com

Where replace the domain.com with any domain of website for which you want to find the IP address.

For example if you wish to find the IP address of this website, then you have to type the below code in CMD window.

ping techantena.com
Find website IP Address

Find website IP Address

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