5 ways to launch Command Prompt in Windows 10

August 27, 2017

Command Prompt is tool by Microsoft that helps you to manage and control over the whole Windows PC through some commands. There are many ways to launch command prompt in Windows. In this tutorial I am sharing 5 different methods to open command prompt in windows.

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Windows search:

Windows search bar allows to search all applications, programs and files including user’s files. Windows allows us to launch Command prompt through the search bar, just search for Command prompt and launch from Windows 10 start-menu.


Windows Run:

In Windows we have a program called Run which allows us to launch some windows programs and folders with some keywords. For example the Run program allow us to open Windows Temp folder simply by using the keyword temp or we can launch calculator using calc keyword.
Windows allows us to launch the Run program using the short-cut keys of Windows Key + R, or you can search for run in windows start-menu. In order to launch command prompt you just need to enter the keyword cmd and hit OK button.


Windows Key + X short-code:

We can launch some of the windows programs using Windows Key and X Keys. By pressing Windows Key and X key in keyboards together windows will list you some programs like Command prompt, Task manager, Power options etc.


From Windows 10 App lists:

Command Prompt can also be opened from Windows 10 applications list like any other app. In order to launch Command prompt from Windows app list from the Windows 10 start-menu click on All Apps.


Now collapse Windows System folder and launch Command prompt.


Through System Configuration:

We can launch Command Prompt program through System Configuration program also. From the Windows 10 start-menu search for System Configuration. 



From the System Configuration navigate into Tools tab, click on Command Prompt and click on Launch button.


You can share another methods for launching command prompt in windows 10, if you know one just comment below we will include it also.

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