Why you should consider to improve Alexa rank of your website


The Internet is the fastest and successful method for sharing knowledge and promote a service or a product. There are millions of websites on the web which provide us awareness and information about goods and services. Most of these websites are offering the same thing. Then surely there will be a question, which one is the best? How to measure the quality of a site or the popularity of a website.



There are some services available for the measurement of quality of the sites. Some of them are

  • Alexa Internet
  • Google page rank
  • Ranking.com
  • Checkpagerank.net

In this article, we discuss the Alexa traffic ranking system. Alexa is an Amazon company which is the most popular one for the ranking of websites based on their traffic. Alexa only measures how much traffic gets for a site; it does not provide the quality of a site unless the traffic quality.

On Alexa traffic ranking system, there are two types of ranking for websites: global ranking and country based ranking. Global rank of an internet site gives the global traffic rank of that website where the state based rank gives two things: in which country the website is most famous and the rank of the site in that country.

Alexa ranking is not a fixed classification system. The Alexa traffic rank of a website changes day by day. Alexa provides another tool for measuring the quality of the site along with its ranking tool, which provides the back-links information of websites.
There are some tools provides by Alexa, but you should have premium Alexa account for accessing full features of Alexa.

How to improve Alexa rank of your website or blog?

In internet marketing and advertising, Alexa traffic ranking system is a major factor. So it is imperative to improve your site’s or blog’s Alexa rank. I have published another article on how to improve Alexa rank of your websites or blogs. Here I am sharing you five tips for improving your site’s Alexa rank.

  • Install Alexa rank widget in your site.
  • Place Alexa verification code on your site.
  • Interlink between your posts or pages.
  • Get more traffic from search engines.
  • Install Alexa toolbar in your web browser.

Finally, you should consider improving your website’s or blog’s traffic rank to be successful in internet marketing.