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Last Updated On: January 11, 2017
Editor: Adeeb C

5 best technology websites to follow; If you are a tech geek

Category: Internet

best techology websites

Are you a tech lover? Want to know the latest technology in the world? Then you are in the right place. Here I am going to introduce the list of my five best technology websites for tech geeks. I am also a tech geek, and I am always hungry to know about the latest changes in the information technology. As you know information technology or simply IT is getting updated day by day (no within seconds).

Here I made this list of best technology websites which provides tech news, gadget reviews and more changes in the IT world. Let’s see which sites you should visit at least weekly, if you are a tech geek.

1. TechCrunch.com

TechCrunch is my favorite website which provides latest technology news and details about the new gadgets. TechCrunch was founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare. TechCrunch also offers reviews on latest gadgets and the internet things.

2. TheNextWeb.com

I heard about TheNextWeb.com in 2012 and since I am the daily reader of this website. TNW was founded in 2006 by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Patrick de Laive. Primarily this website covers the latest tech news and web development news.

3. Wired.com

Wires.com is the most popular web magazine in America which has readers from all around the world. The magazine provides the trending technology news, latest things in business and lifestyle changes. The first issue of this magazine was published in March/April 1993.

4. Tech2.com

Tech2 is another technology website which publishes latest technology news, product reviews, comparisons and tech videos. The Tech2.com is managed by the Mass media company Network 18. I am following this website for the last two years.

5. Gizmodo.com

Finally, let’s discuss Gizmodo.com, it is a technology blog which provides the latest technology news, articles, gadgets guides, electronics and product reviews. It is a part of Gawker Media.

Here I conclude the list, remember that this is not the final list of best technology website. This is only, in my opinion, you may have better views on other tech websites including Mashable.com, TheVerge.com, and Cnet.com.

Bonus: As a bonus, you can also count techantena.com in the list of five best technology websites. ( We are working hard to make this one better), we share latest technology news, gadget guides, product reviews, electronics, and programming.