5 Tips For Software Marketing

software marketing tips

If you own a software company or if you are working as a marketer for a software company you might want to know some tips to sell your software products. Most of the software companies are still focus on SEO for marketing their new software products. But in 2016 the SEO is not an important thing for marketing. There are lots of other tips for software marketing.

Let us discuss the best 5 tips for software marketing in 2016.

1. Planning Goes First

Everything needs proper planning, most of the software developing companies are not well planning to market their software. They are thinking about marketing only after the software developing is completed.

We know that the developing of a software is not much easy, a software needs hours of work in two or three months. Software developers are well planned about their new software, they are planning how should be the new software. But they are not well planned about the target people of the software, the most important and first tip for software marketing is planning before start to develop. Once you have decided to develop a software you have to ensure the following thinks:

  • To whom the software is going to  be developed.
  • Should they really need such a software?
  • Are there any other alternatives for this software already? If there, what you can provide more from them?


2. Start The Marketing Before The Developing

The software marketing starts at the moment when you have decided to develop a software. Once you have decided to develop a software you should start inform your facebook and twitter fans about the upcoming software, and you should ask them for the suggestion. You should inform when the software will be completed also.

You have to also start receiving the pre-orders for your upcoming software. This tip will double the speed of your software marketing.

3. Advertise On Google

Our third tip for software marketing is advertising, we know that most popular and successful advertising company is none other than Google. I recommend you to advertise your new and latest software products with Google Advertising.

Advertising will never lose your money as it can drive high selling for your software. If you have some money to invest you can market your product easily.

I recommend Google Advertising as it shows the geo targetted and interest-based advertisements.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is they best way to inform your customers about your latest software products. If you have well planned and having some idea about social medias you can easily find the most targetted customers for your software.

You can provide the information about your software company and features of your software through social networks. As there are a lot of software companies like you, you have to hardly research before the social media marketing.

In order to social media marketing, you should have fan pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You should post about your products which can be shared by your fans. In order to get a maximum number of shares, your post should be attractive.

5. Provide Offers and Discounts

Everyone needs offers and discounts, if your company is not providing any discounts or offers with your software products, you are not going to make a single sale.

Offering discounts are the most attractive marketing tip. You can offer trail usage of your software for a short while, which will help you to get the most targetted customers. Or you can provide discounts at the time of software purchasing.

The another method is providing a basic version of your software for free, you should have a premium version which includes more and premium features.

Bonus Tip

The most successful marketing tip by experienced marketers in 2016 is the word of mouth. If you a better communication skill you can easily promote your software product using your communication skill.

You can inform your friends, relatives, and others about your new software when they need such a software they will approach you first.

Or you can ask your friends to promote your software between their friends and relatives.

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