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Last Updated On: February 10, 2017
Editor: Adeeb C

Meet The Top 10 Popular Web Search Engines

Category: Internet


The Internet is the largest network in the world which connects the worldwide computers and networks. But for a common man the internet is all about the search engines.

What is a search engine? The search engine is an Internet based interactive search device that enables a user to search for information on the web. The search engines are some databases that contains references to millions of websites.

Search engines are the essential part of the internet if we don’t know the exact URL of a web page or a website that contains the information on a topic that we want to browse on.

There are a lot of search engine on the internet which will help you in browsing the internet. Some of them like Google, Bing and Yahoo are highly popular and used by millions of people. Anyway, there are some search engines that provide the searching on the internet, and some of them have special purposes of browsing.

Here we are going to meet the top 10 most popular search engines on the internet.




We can’t think a world wide web without the Google, due to the extremely popularity the Google has become as an essential part of the internet which can never avoid.

Google is the most popular and largest search engine on the internet which provides the fastest internet browsing with its well-structured searching algorithm.

Google is not only a search engine but it is a web portal offers some services like e-mail, video, images and Android.

#2. BING

The Bing is the second most popular search engine which was launched in 2009 by Microsoft. Bing is the default search engine in the Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

The main focused feature of Bing search engine is it works well with Cortana (Microsoft’s Personal voice assistance) in Edge browser on Windows 10.


Yahoo is the third’s most popular search engine on the internet which was founded in 1995. Yahoo is not only a search engine but they are also an email and news provider. We know that the E-mail service of Yahoo is very popular among the worldwide internet users.


Baidu is a Chinese based search engine which has millions of users in China. Baidu was established in 2000 by Robin Li and Eric Xu.

Baidu also provides services other than a search engine like audio searching and antivirus services.

#5. AOL

AOL comes in the fifth position of top 10 most popular search engines on the internet. AOL is an American multinational company which offers web results from google as a search engine along with its news, sports, weather and entertainment services.


Ask.com or Ask Jeeves is a question-answer focused search engine which was founded in 1996 by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen. Ask.com is also the world’s #1 question and answer website.


Duckduckgo is a favorite search engine which offers web search results from the search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Yummly in partnership for a better search experience. The Duckduckgo is popular among the internet users because of its privacy protecting search engine service.


EXCITE is still unknown for the most of the internet users but it has a lot of users among the worldwide web users. EXCITE is not only  a search engine but is a web portal which provides services like e-mail, news, instant messaging and weather updates along with the search engine service.


WOLFRAM ALPHA is not a search engine like others in this list but also is a computational knowledge engine. They do not provide the search results of web pages, documents or images what others are doing, but they offer access to the world’s facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics including science and technology.


YANDEX is a Russian multinational company providing a traditional web portal service. YANDEX is unknown to many internet users while it is popular among thousands of people who are using the internet. The services of Yandex includes a search engine, e-mail, maps, translation and browser services.

This article is only a list of the top 10 most popular search engines in the world, the list of search engines is not complete here. There are a lot of web search engines and web portals with thousands of daily users.