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Last Updated On: October 27, 2016
Editor: Adeeb C

3 Simple Tips To Save Time On Social Media Sites

Category: Internet

save time on social media sites

Social media sites have a high impact on our daily life so that we can never be avoided those in our daily lives. There is a big deal for social media sites to be up to dated on college or work life.

Even though social media websites are important in our fastest life, they take a lot of times from our tight schedules. If you are ready to plan on using social media sites, you can save some valuable time and can be used to increase your productivity or to study college syllabus.

In this article, I am sharing you the most applicable and tested techniques to save time on social media websites.


Do you have the habit of following the number of pages, people or groups that you need not follow? If you have then, you are wasting a lot of time while using the social networking websites.

Every major social media site like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, has the newsfeed which shows the latest and favourite posts from the people who you are following. If you are following a lot of people on your social media website your newsfeed will be filled with the posts from those individuals or pages.

If you don’t, you can quickly filter your newsfeed by unfollowing those people who you need not follow. You may, unlike those pages that you do not need to get posts or tweets.

If you are using facebook, the facebook has already this filtering feature already which will show posts from only those pages, groups or people you have much interested.


Chatting is a greater feature by social media sites for the instant messaging and unofficial communication. But on these days people uses the chatting as a way to meet new people online. Even some percent users of the social media sites using the chatting to communicate with unknown people and want to be friends with them.

Having more friends is good on one side, but it should not be by wasting your valuable working time. So I recommend you to limit the number of your friends that you have on social media sites. You can unfollow that person that you don’t really as a friend.

If you are receiving the message request or chat request from the people you don’t know in person, you can just say theme that you are not interested in conversation. Or only you can block them from sending messages to you, or you can also report them to the social media site support team to block him from the social media site.


Do you know you have a lot of tool available on the Internet to manage all of your social media sites automatically together from one place? By using the social networking managing tool like Hootsuite you can schedule for publishing posts to different social media websites.

These tools also help you to manage and analyse your status for your posts on social media sites which will be more helpful if you are using social networking websites as the platform for business promotion.


This is a straightforward and quick guide to managing your social media websites and to save your valuable time which can be used for reproduction and to work more.

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