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Last Updated On: November 27, 2016
Editor: Adeeb C

Internet Addressing: IP Address & Domain Names

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Here, we are going to discuss the internet addressing. There are two parts or methods in internet addressing.

Let me firstly give you an explanation to the internet and internet addressing. You may already know that the internet is the network of networks or it is the world’s largest network of computers.

There are millions of computers which are connected to the internet. So it is crucial to identify each of the computers of the internet. We have a unique addressing code for the identification of the computers of a network which is called Internet Protocol or IP Address.

Two Methods of Internet Addressing

Internet Addressing

Internet Addressing

Internet Protocol or IP Address

An IP address is an identification number for a particular computer on a particular network. As IP address is the identification address of the computers in a network system, a computer must have an IP Address to communicate with other computers.

If you want to transfer files to one computer of a network, you should know the IP address of that computer. So every computer that is directly connected to the internet must have one and only one IP address.

A 32-bit binary number that uniquely and precisely identifies the location of a particular computer on the internet.

An IP address consists of four parts which are separated by periods. Each part consists of number ranging from 0 to 255.

An IP address has the following features:

  • IP address is unique numbers.
  • No two devices in a single network have the same IP address.
  • IP address is global & standardized identification numbers.

Domain Names

We have already learned that IP address is used to identify the computers connected to the internet. There are many websites on the internet which are stored in web servers. Each web server will have its IP address.

There are many websites on the internet which are stored in web servers. Each web server will have its own IP address. We can reach on any website using their IP address.

You know that it is not easy to remember the IP address of all websites. So the domain name system allows websites to use a name to their site.

This name is called domain name and contains two components separated by periods. The first part is the name of the website name while the second part contains the extension of the domain name.

For example thing about this website, our website name is TECHAntena, and so we choose the domain name techantena.com.

Simply, we can say that the domain name is the English version of an IP Address. Let’s assume that if we have hosted our website on the IP address, then the domain techantena.com is the English text of that IP address which is easy to remember

Also, bear in mind that no two organizations or websites will have the same domain name.

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